Salon Manager | Salon Administrative | Salon Booking Agent | Executive Wig Specialist

Who would have thought I would be a part of a movement so amazing.

All the way from Shaker Heights Ohio, there was a calling for my assistance here in Atlanta Georgia. I love to see others enjoying every experience in life. What a coincidence, that is the definition of my name “life”.

Born into a family of hair legacy. The first black own beauty and ladies accessories boutiques in the greater Cleveland area. Excellent service and assurance of quality product has always been key to our success. Building relationships is goal. Trusting the path and understanding the unknown is growth. I value my position leading a stylist team of driven creators with an eye for beauty. I enjoy multi-tasking from managing the salon, to Salon Administrative, to booking all clients, to Executive Wig Specialist. My dedication is to continue to build an environment where people are respected and welling to grow together. The Kellon Deryck Salon will be known all over for its marvelous creation, exceptional positive energy and loyal commitment to its clients and workers.